What is an NGO?

united nations building in nycIn 1996 the Federation made the decision to apply for Non-Governmental Organization affiliation with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations.

There are currently about 3,000 NGOs at the United Nations, 15 representing women religious congregations or federations of congregations. Weekly the NGOs are briefed on current issues. NGOs serve on committees of interest to the group they represent. They research appropriate topics and lobby governmental committees concerning the issues, as well as present educational workshops on these issues. At the same time, each NGO is disseminating information to the sponsoring organization(s), raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and offering suggestions for action.


Why did the Federation seek NGO status?

The Federation, in the charism of tradition of Charity, is dedicated to serving the poor, women and children. Because the congregations in the Federation serve in countries around the world, Sisters have firsthand knowledge of the needs of the people and, through the NGO, can give the poor a voice on an international platform.


What contributions has the Federation made through NGO status?

Peace – supports the UNESCO Culture of Peace; holds active membership in the Hague Appeal for Peace and lobbies in behalf of nuclear disarmament.

Economic Development – has taken corporate stance on Third World debts; continues to provide funding and staffing for development and disaster relief projects in the Developing World; work to attain a more just economic and financial system.

Social Development – supports the work of UN agencies through establishment and administration of numerous, clinics, rehabilitation centers, mental health, drug treatment facilities, family, women and children’s centers; conducts outreach and centers for those in need.

Refugee Assistance – support and administer centers for Asian and Latin American refugees and immigrants; participates in a Refugees Legislation Project to provide more humane and just legislation for refugees.

Human Rights – supports a Radio Program for Human Rights in Haiti and administers a Holocaust Institute; offers workshops and courses on migrant rights, racism, ethnocentrism and multiculturalism.

Women – provide shelters, centers, training and education programs for abused women, victims of prostitution, single mothers, homeless women, unemployed and unskilled women.

Children – supports UNICEF.

Sustainable Development – supports and staffs several straw bale housing developments, a water and sewage project in Peru, education for environmental awareness and responsibility.


For more information contact: scfederationunngo@gmail.com

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